My Story…

I was inspired to create this blog for persons who are looking for something different from the norm. Roses’ Niche is a place to relax and enjoy yourself amidst the stresses of life even if it’s just for a minute.

How did it all begin?

I gave my life to Jesus when I was 15 years of age but life just got mundane and I started wondering, is there more to life than what I see and know since I was a child growing up in church?

So, in July 2012, after my final exams in high school I decided to seek after God with my all. This included me putting away my video games, TV shows etc. It was difficult but I needed to experience the Jesus that Paul and Peter in the Bible experienced.  I had no idea what it meant to hear from God, what miracles were, what it meant to be filled with inexplainable joy, love, peace that the Bible speaks of. I thrust myself into hours of reading the Bible, praying, fasting and watching sound christian teaching. And can you believe what happened? To my surprise, I went through many fiery trials, heartbreaks, encountered impossible feats which resulted in many tearful days and nights . I was almost thrown into depression. I had gotten so frustrated with this ‘seeking after God thing’ and wanted to give up many times but God remained by my side.

Then, there was a shift amidst it all. I started to hear God for the very first time in my life, experience Him in ways I could not have dreamt of. I saw His miraculous hand many times so now I do indeed believe in the Jesus that works miracles, heals the sick, raises the dead, set the captives free. So, now after eight years of walking hand in hand with Him through many fiery trials I can say that my pursuit was worth it and is still worth it. He has been restoring all that I have lost. He has filled me with His abundant joy and peace and most importantly His deep rich love which is so breathtaking and refreshing. Yet, He is continuing to call me deeper in Him which is so exciting! Likewise, I want you (yes you :)) to experience this Jesus, this wonderful Jesus that the Bible speaks of, the One who turned my mourning into dancing! 🙂

If you are seeking for more – you’ve tried everything else but nothing seems satisfying, I invite you to come drink from the fountain of living water- Jesus Christ.

I pray that as you visit this website you would be inspired to want to experience the same God who Moses, Abraham, Esther, Deborah, David, Solomon, Paul, Peter and John etc in the Bible experienced.

Relax, enjoy and be inspired to go deeper in God!

P.s. Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.